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2000 ionising air blower

"A world of ionised air "

One of our most popular products:

It is long distance static eliminator with a robust stainless steel construction and powerful ionisation performance.
The 2000 is used to neutralise the static charges on mouldings, winders, unwinders, bench tops...

It consists of 1250 Bars mounted in the mouth with an axial fan system behind. The fans inside the Blower transport the ionised air produced by the 1250 Bars to the object to be neutralised.

Provided by 2 x 1250 Bars in the mouth of the Blower.
produce a high volume of ionised air to neutralise static charges.
Length: in 250 mm steps from 250 mm up to 3m.
Integrated Power Unit.
Sizes available - from 25cm up to 3m in steps of 25cm.
The Ionised air leaves the blower (expands at approximately 15º in both axes)

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- 2000 Technical sheet

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