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2050 ESD Ionised Air Blower

"For a ionised air swirl "

Compact Ionised Air Blower with integrated power unit and controls. High performance to meet the most demanding requirements in the electronics, medical, pharmaceutical and RFID industries

An integrated power supply generates high voltage which is transmitted to emitters around the axial fan to create ionised air. The airflow from the fan transports the ionised air to the object to be neutralised.

The balanced and controlled ionised air produced by the 2050was originally designed to meet the requirements of the electronics industry (RFID, ESD), but it is used in many other areas of industry:

- Pharmaceutical and medical: neutralising the charge on packaging.
- Plastics: on injection mouldings, extrusions, bottles.
- General industry: automated lines, bowl feeders
- Packaging: wrapping machines, thermoforming

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