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Nos news antistatics

Boussey Control has Atex certification, notably with Atex antistatic bars and brushes and, also, with the Atex static meter EX715.

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Anti static Brushes with carbon fibers

We have brushes with fibers of carbon which neutralize the static electricity.
18 mm fibres length (until 80 mm on request) double row, all lengths until 4 meters.
New: we have, now, Atex antistatic brushes for use in dangerous areas.

brosse antistatic

Installation of antistatic brushes:

-> The brushes removes both positive and negative charges.

-> The many fibres are eliminating static electricity by induction. It's easy to install and to use.

-> The distance between the brush and the material must be: 0 to 5mm (Omm for the conductors).

-> It will be linked directly to a good earth .

For any further information : Clic on the technical sheet of antistatic brushes

Or Contact directly our technicians by mail:
or By phone: +32 (0) 55 61 21 13