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Boussey Control has Atex certification, notably with Atex antistatic bars and brushes and, also, with the Atex static meter EX715.

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Antistatic tinsels

Our antistatic tinsels are used in the world to neutralize static electricity by induction.
Cheap and easy to use : (Pure copper and ultra conductive).

guirlande (tresse, cordon) antistatic

Advantages of antistatic tinsels

small size, flexibility of installation
simple and quick to install
no maintenance
no high voltage and H.T cables
no main cable (no consumption).
works in hazardous areas

Working and specifications

Copper core, excellent conductivity and longevity
removes both positive and negative charges
Packaging: 22 meters of tinsel in a box

Multiple sprigs : the many peaks are eliminating static electricity by induction.

Antistatic tinsel installation

Fit the tinsel across the material (sheet, film) or around (plastic pipes, thin containers ) or as a screen (conveyors, doors, )

Tinsel should be close to the material hardly touching it, linked directly to a good earth (ideally not earthed through machine frame but we can supply mounted on insulators )

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