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Plastic Bag stacking and antistatic equipment


                              1250 super 80 bar

During a bag making operation, there is static electricity which must be neutralised notably before the bag stacking. The charged bags attracts dusts, contaminants and could steack to other elements. We advise to use a HP Ionstorm bar above the rotative system bags and a super 80 1250 (or an other ionstorm) just before the stacking.

Here, the antistatic equipment prevents :
from contaminants (dusts aren't attracted by the plastic material).
from operator shocks thanks of film contact.
from slowdowns and stop of operation.
from bad product quality (with dust on the bags and bad stacking).

barre ionisante antistatic

Boussey Control advise:

1250 super 80 bar (distance 200mm) just before the stacking.

above the bag rotative system


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