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1250 and 1250 super 80 antistatic bars

"1250 Antistatic bars "

Easy to use. Low use of space in machines.
The 1250 is efficient up to 50 mm.

Exist in several versions: Atex bar EX1250 for Z1 and Z2
1250-50: with balance for esd applications.

The super 80 1250 bar works in the same way as the classic 1250.
But it is more powerfull. The super 80 works at a distance up to 200mm of the material.

The antistatic bars produce an electric field of positive and negative ions thanks to a high voltage generator. So, the ions are attracted by the charged materials near the bar, what allows a neutralization of the electric charges.
The range of antistatic bar is notably used to treat plastic films or pieces, papers, textiles...

The Boussey Control bars are "shockless"

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- Technical sheet of 1250 bars

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