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The most powerfull static eliminator

"Ionisation up to one meter "

The most powerfull antistatic bar !!!

It is the essential tool when you demand long-range,
high performance static control without air assistance.
(up to 1000mm).

For The HP model is the same working but it's optimized for distances between 200 and 750 mm.

In this range, choose the HP IONSTORM and beyond choose the conventional IONSTORM.

Produces positive and negative ions thanks specialised emitters.
The ions quantity attracted by the object varies according to the charge.
Works with 3700 Ionstorm power unit.
Fully controllable output with lockable settings.
Multiple bars in series. Available in lengths up to 10m.
The Boussey Control bars are completely shockless.

For more information :
- Ionstorm Tecnical Sheet

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