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We will explain you in this page how and why generate static electricity.

Basic Principles of electrostatic generation

An important static charge could generate a mirror image of the charge (with an opposite polarity) on a surronding element.
We could illustrate this with the example of the ball fricted by a kid. The ball will be attract by the wall.

ballon attiré par électricité statique

The negative charge on the ball create a negative mirror image on the wall. The attractive strength, caused by the difference of polarity, allows the attraction of the ball to the wall.

Two principles of the electrostatic attraction are very important:

1) about 2 electrostatic charges with opposite polarity.
At least one of them must be active (the 7080 bar) the other could be passive or active.
The attraction is explain by the Coulomb law:

Attraction strength =

Charge1 X Charge2


2) Barrier
We need a barrier to stop the two charges which attract themselves. In practice, the barrier is made in plastic material. So the barrier is insulating and it could stop charges sticking itself on one of the two elements.

The barrier (in the left of drawing) stop the positive charges sticking itself on the metallic part.

static electricity

The plastic materials are good barriers because they are non conductive. The paper is more complicated because it is conductive when there is low humidity. It must have a superficial resistivity at least of 1010 Ohms/m2.

Our "730 SRM" surface resistivity meter is very useful to measure the suitability of material that we want to use as a barrier.

surface resistivity meter

Electrostatic generation equipment
For a sticking between a non-conductive material and a conductive material
For a temporary sticking between several non-conductive materials
Exemples of industrial applications with static generation equipment

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