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7300 Static generator

7080 generation bar

7300 static electricity generator

Static electricity is widely used in industry for clean, temporary adhesion between two products. The 7300 Static Generator produces the high voltage required for this process in a safe and reliable way.

• 0-30kV Positive or Negative (please specify)
• 1 or 2 (please specify) output connections for 7080 Bar
• Weight: 6kg

7080 generation bar

The new 7080 Generator Bars with the 7300 Generator provide a safe, controllable, reliable and cost-effective method of applying static charge for temporary adhesion in industry.

• emitters which are resistively coupled to the HV for safe
• Available in sizes up to 3000 mm
• Easy installation - with M8 x 60mm nylon studs

Here, you will find all information and exemple about the generation of static electricity. You will use our equipment perfectly and improve your productivity.

• Electrostatic g้n้ration: phenomenon explanation)
• For a sticking between a non-conductive material and a conductive material
• For a temporary sticking between several non-conductive materials
• Exemples of industrial applications with static generation equipment

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