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4200 Ionised Air Nozzle

"Transform your compressed air in ionised air"

The 4200 consists of a 1250 Static Eliminator Bar with one or more air nozzles. The nozzles transport the ionisation produced by the 1250 Bar for long range static neutralisation and cleaning.


The 4200 is very versatile. The quantity and position of the nozzles can be varied according to the customer's requirements.

The pitch of the nozzles should be 100mm for a continuous cleaning action at a distance of 100mm.

The ionisation kills the static charge holding the dust, allowing the fast air to remove it for a through cleaning.

Construction :
- Aluminium body 62.5mm x 62.5mm x 4mm.
- 1250 Static Eliminator Bar.

Length: Available in any size from 100mm to 4m.

Cable: 2m HT cable is standard. Max cable length 10m.

Power unit : 9050-4 Power Unit.

For more information:
- Technical sheet of the 4200 nozzle.

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