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4200 In-line nozzle

"Transform your compressed air in ionised air"

In-line nozzle
Model 4300 is an in-line compressed air ionising nozzle, for use where the ionisation of an existing air supply, in an ordinary compressed airline, is required.

How it works :

The air passing through the stainless steel cylinder is ionised and so capable of neutralising static charge.
It must be positioned as close as possible to the end of the pipework to minimise recombination of ions.

Compressed air :
- Air must be clean and dry
- The Air Connector on the nozzles is 1/4 BSP with connector for a flexible pipe.

Cable: 2m of HT Cable is standard, unless otherwise specified

Power unit : Use with 5.5kV Power Units

For more information:
- Technical sheet of 4300 nozzle

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