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Plastic extrusion and static electricity

During an extrusion of plastic film, there is static electricity which disturbs the process notably for the winding.
We advise you to use a Ionstorm antistatic bar (the most powerfull in the market). It must be just before the winding and the film must be free (with air in the other side).

Here, the equipment prevents:
from dusts (or other contaminants) attracted by the film
from slowdowns and rejected rolls: if the film is charged: it does'nt behave itself as a neutral film.
from bad product quality (with dust on the film and a bad winding).
from operator shocks thanks of film contact.

barre ionisante antistatic

The antistatic bar choice can change with the distance of work(between the bar and the material).

more than 750mm: IONSTORM
Between 200 and 750mm: IONSTORM HP
Between 50 and 200mm: 1250 super80.
Max 50mm: 1250 classic .

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