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Our antistatic solutions for Polystyrene

Antistatic liquid


Why do you choose this liquid ?

To treat your polystyrene durably and to avoid static electricity problems (notably the esd because the polystyrene material are often used for electronic packages).
The superficial resistivity of polystyrene (1015) could become de 109 or 108.

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In these pages, only the liquids change for each material (pmma, pp, pe, pvc ...)

Ionised air gun

4100 Antistatic airgun

Why do you choose our 4100 airgun ?

To remove dusts on materials :
Ionised air is blown by the compressed air to remove dusts on the object. This equipment allows a neutralisation of static, a removal of dusts or other contamination elements. It is possible to automate this using ionised air nozzles.

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anti static bar for plexiglass

Antistatic bar

Why do you choose our antistatic bars ?

To neutralize static without compressed air:
Our antistatic bars are often used during industrial process because they are easy to install (low use of space) in production machines.
Then, we choose the type of bar according to the distance between the bar and the material.
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