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Simple sticking thanks static electricity

We must use a static generation source (here the 7080 bar and the 7300 generator).
The bar generates a mirror image on the other body (opposite polarity)
The films is used as a barrier and it jams the positive charges and, so, it is attracted by the negative charges on the mirror image.
The film is stuck to the other body thanks the attraction between negative and positive charges.

électricité statique

Positioning and installation:

The 7080 bar must be fixed thanks nylon studs. Don't use metallic studs because the metallic part should attract the ions. For the same reasons, be carefull that the metallic machines part must be at least at 50mm of distance of the 7080 bar.
The bar must be at least at 30-40mm of the object, and the distance between the barrier (the film) and the object must be shorter than the distance between the barrier and the bar (otherwise the barrier should be attracted by the bar).

1) Use the nylon studs to fix the bar
2) Put the bar at least 50 mm of metallic parts
3) Put the bar at least 30-40 mm of the object
4) The film must be nearer the object than the bar.

static electricity

The barrier material

If the material is not in plastic, the barrier will be less efficient.
The paper, for example, could be a problem. If there is enough humidity, it could be enough insulating but if there isn't humidity, it will be too conductive.
The critic level of superficial resistivity is 1010 Ohms/m2. If the resistivity of the barrier is below this level, the drawing seen before isn't possible.

Our 730 superficial resistivity meter is very usefull to measure the level of the barrier. Contact us for more information

mesure de résistivité

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