Technical sheet : Easytreat BC20 Mini Corona

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Easytreat BC20
Corona Treatment : low price

The Corona equipment for laboratory and pre-series: BC20 delivered with 3 electrodes (see photo)


Electrodes : electrodes

          • - Connecting: 230 V mono, 50/60 Hz
          • - Applicator Dimension: 275X50 mm
          • - Total weight: 3,2 kg (applicator: 650g)
          • - Frequency: 4 to 5 MHz
          • - Voltage: 10 to 48 kV

Process :
Fix the chosen electrod deeply the electrodes in the applicator.
The electrode must be a few milimeters close the material.
Turn the rear button to get a good corona effect (not only sparks). To increase the ionisation sparks length turn the knob clockwise. Shorter is the ionisation spark, better is the treatment.

Treatment time is important.
(Ex : sec from 1 cm of distance <=> 15 sec from 3cm of distance)

Regarding conductive materials (ex: metallised films ...) : use a diellectric interface (available on request).

- Don't use the BC20 more 20 min continusly (stop time = working time). Otherwise use alternatively 2 Easytreat.
- Avoid the human body contact with the electrodes which can get you strong electrostatic discharges similar to the ones you could get from cars ...
- Don't use in hazardous areas (flammable)
- Connect to a main supply plug with a grounded connector.
- Make sure that the system is off when puting on or off the electrodes.
- For a short time use, it is recommended to work in a ventilated room.
- For a continuous work, use a ozone extraction fan to reject the mixed of air ozone out of the room.

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