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Formamide JUMBO pens

"For ASTM standards measures "

The Formamide JUMBO test pens correspond to the ASTM standards.
They are sold by box of 6 items (45 mL of ink in each pen).
The Test pens prefilled JUMBO are designed with reservoir and released valves. These systems allow to use virgin ink on demand.

Available levels: from 31 to 59 (even and odd) and 59 to 71 dynes (odd)
Measure unit: dyne/cm (mN/m)
ASTM standard measures: width: 1 cm, length: 7 cm
To avoid inacurracy: temperature to stock between 10 and 25C.
Temperature correction : around 1 dyne / + 10 C (regarding 20 °C ambiant)

Avoid the contact with eyes, and skin (toxic, dangerous).

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