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Gas plasma surface treatment is an ideal technology for the surface modification of plastic, textile & film products while enabling hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings.

We offers a wide range of gas plasma surface treatment equipment, from lab scale to industrial application.

Low pressure plasma technology is a dry, environmental friendly and cost-efficient technique used to modify on a microscopic level the surface of polymers, ceramics and metals as well as textiles, without any manual operation or the use of chemical products.

- Metals: Plasma replaces environmental UNfriendly chemicals
- Automotive: Pre-treatment before painting, flocking.
- Textile & Filtration: Hydrophilisation, hydrophobisation of textiles, filters, film.
- Medical: Pre-treatment of balloon catheters, syringes, valves before gluing.
- Aeronautic & aerospace: Coating of insulation products (foams), electronics.
- Electronics: PCB cleaning & etching.

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