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Drawing: sticking between several materials

Pour coller deux (ou plusieurs) matériaux non-conducteurs entre eux, il faut au moins une source génératrice d'électricité statique (barre 7080) avec une autre source passive ou active de l'autre coté des matériaux.
La puissance de l'adhésion dépendra de la seconde source génératrice :

For a very efficient sticking :

We must use two active sources of electrostatic generation. It means two 7080 bars and 7300 generators surrounding materials, and emitting positive and negative charges.


For an average sticking :

We could use one 7080 bar and 7300 generator on one side and an antistatic brush with carbon fibers linked directly to an earth, on the other side. This brush reacts at the charges created by the 7080 producing ions with opposite polarity.

Information on brushes.

electricité statique

For a weak sticking :

We can substitute the antistatic brush by a simple metallic bar (linked to an earth) if the sticking required can be weak.

electricité statique

The 7080 bars and the other sources must be about at 25mm to materials. The best distance will be chosen trying


In a system with two 7080 bar, we need of course two 7080 but also two 7300 generators.

In system with one 7080 bar, the choice of polarity depends on the polarity charges yet present on materials. If materials tend to have negative charges (as many plastics), you must choose a negative electrostatic system and vice versa.

In the doubt, it is better to use negative ones.

It is also important to know that if materials have strong charges, we must neutralize them to keep en efficient system.

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