Get ahead of adhesion problems with the help of surface tension test pens.

Get ahead of adhesion problems with the help of surface tension test pens.

Are you struggling with low surface tension in your production process? Experiencing bad printing/coating quality? Losing valuable time due to adhesion problems? Test inks can easily help you to predict and prevent these problems and make your production process more efficient. 

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Fast & accurate testing with Dyne test pens

If you want to deliver perfectly printed or coated end products in a high-speed printing environment, it’s vital to check the surface energy level of your materials before you start your production process.     

To avoid time loss, it’s important to be able to test both fast and accurately. Dyne test pens are made for quick testing of surface energy and allow you to measure and determine the level of surface tension on certain materials. It only takes seconds to perform this test and obtain the results.

Easy assessment of surface tension

Test pens are very easy to use. Anyone can perform this test. The Dyne pens contain ink with a certain surface tension (Dyne level). By drawing a line on the surface with the Dyne pen and observing the behavior of the test ink you’ll easily measure the surface energy. 

How does this pen actually work? You simply apply a stroke of test ink to the surface. If the stroke remains unchanged, the Dyne level of the surface is equal to (or slightly higher than) the Dyne level of the test pen. If the ink transforms into droplets, the value of surface tension is lower than the Dyne level of the test pen. 

Every type of material has a recommended or required Dyne level for optimal adhesion, so there’s a variety of pens from 30 up to 72 Dyne/cm.  

Looking for a budget-friendly solution?

Dyne test pens are a budget-friendly solution for your adhesion problems. The same ink can be used for all measurements on all materials. From metal to plastic or glass to ceramic. They can be used for both production and laboratory purposes.

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