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Food Emulsifiers

Improve food quality, appearance, flavour and processing? Read about our range of emulsifier solutions.

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Facilitating production

Adding food emulsifiers to your formula aids the prevention of sticking during processing.

Enhancing flavour and texture

Food emulsifiers can be used to add volume, prevent visual separation between ingredients, modify texture and increase foam stability in a variety of applications. 

Prolonging shelf life

Glycerol monostearate food improvement agents help maintain the edibility and the freshly produced feel of your food products. 

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How we help to improve your food products 


Are you experiencing an issue with your food quality or processing? Have you heard of the advantages of the e471 food additive but don’t know whether it’s suitable for your company? 

We will discuss your case to pinpoint the exact issue.


We will provide you with free e471 ingredient samples for you to test on your products.

Were the tests a success? In that case we will set up a supply line to make sure you never run out of stock and your product quality is ensured.


Encountering issues with your 471 emulsifiers? We are on standby.

Call or email us. We will test the ingredients ourselves, find the problem and provide you with a working solution. 

Food emulsifiers that meet your industry challenges

Baked well

Adding the e471 food additive to baked goods means you can achieve higher volumes, with even spreading of grains and overall softness and crumb softness lasting longer.

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

Emulsifier 471 can help improve the formulation of skincare products and medicines, resulting in a better appearance as well as more effective performance.

Beverages and sweets

Glycerol monostearate (e471) enhances the flavours of your beverages, candy, chocolate or margarine by intensifying taste characteristics and making them last longer.

RSPO Certified

Did you know that we are a REACH certified company?

Our food improving solutions

Our 471 emulsifiers are palm-based fatty acids of vegetable origin. 

This plant-based glycerol monostearate ingredient is widely used as a thickening, emulsifying, anti-caking, and preserving agent in food production, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and various other industries.

It can be used in both liquid and solid form and, depending on the ultimate objective, helps to stabilise compositions, improve appearance and shelf life, achieve greater volume and enhance flavours.

It also aids in preventing stickiness in food processing.

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