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Keep operators safe and improve application quality with customizable antistatic equipment.

Are you struggling with sticky materials, dust attraction, bad adhesion quality? Or maybe worse, operators getting shocks and sparks causing fire hazard? Static charge build up during a production or printing process is a frustrating and dangerous inconvenience for many companies. Luckily there are many solutions to eliminate unwanted static electricity on-the-fly, without slowing down your production processes. But what’s the ideal solution for your static electricity problems?

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Are your static charges a hidden or accepted cost generator?

Plastics jumping off the assembly line, foil sticking to each other and machines and inaccurate printing and gluing,… Static electricity can severely hinder and slow down your processes. How do you solve these static electricity problems without slowing down your production process? By choosing the most efficient antistatic tool for your application and environment. There’s a large variety of antistatic equipment, each adapted to specific needs.

Print with accuracy and speed

When foils move at a high pace, they rapidly build up static charges, making processes such as accurate printing very difficult. Antistatic bars are designed to fully discharge materials at high speeds, so they remain easily handleable.

Built-in monitors detect the static charges on materials and respond by ionizing the foils and neutralising these charges. Highly powerful but at the same time compact, these bars can be integrated into any production set-up. And can even be installed inside existing machines, eliminating the need for an extra power unit. 

Is your company involved in high-speed printing and do you want to assure one hundred percent accurate printing every time? Our antistatic bars guarantee a constant performance, 100% discharging and a long life cycle. 

Facilitate your coating, graving, laminating and printing process

If you’re in the business of coating, graving, laminating or flexo printing, then antistatic brushes might be the ideal solution to end your static electricity problems such as bad adhesion quality and dust attraction. These dischargers don’t send out protons like antistatic bars but use fibre tips to transport static charges from your materials to earth.

What makes these tools so effective in solvent-based environments is that they are explosion proof, solvent resistant and washable. The brushes can resist even the most aggressive chemicals and can be cleaned out at will.

Just like antistatic bars, brushes can be custom-made to suit the size of assembly lines and come with extra accessories to mount them anywhere in your production area.

Fighting dust and static charges in an automotive, medical or general assembly production

For companies involved in automotive moulding, automobile construction, medical appliances or packaging, the handling of plastic materials brings about more than application issues. The presence of static electricity also causes contamination issues. If you want to keep your materials dust free and antistatic, air knives will be an effective tool to treat materials on-the-fly at high speeds.

By blowing ionised air upon the materials, they are discharged and cleaned at the same time. To improve efficiency, the airspeed of the air knives can be adjusted to match the pace of your assembly line.

Mobile discharging: equip your team with manual antistatic tools

Are your static electricity issues not restricted to a fixed assembly line, but scattered over a production area or even situated outside your factory site? By equipping employees with mobile ionised air guns, every worker is able to quickly neutralise static charges and remove dust contamination. Wherever, whenever.

Factory employees can clean out mouldings, dust off mirrors, windscreens or treat automobile parts before painting. Your mobile teams on the road can eliminate static charges on billboards, signs and even electrical or mechanical equipment. Air guns are easy to use, repair and maintain. 

Need help in choosing the ideal antistatic solution?

The tools we described are merely a grasp from the large variety of equipment we offer to eliminate static charges or dust contamination issues. Boussey Control has a long history in antistatic solutions and is glad to help you in choosing the right equipment for your production needs. 

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