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Losing production time due to sticky plastics? Reduce manual intervention with antistatic additives.

Are you looking for ways to smoothen the handling or processing of plastics? Want to eliminate static electricity that’s causing time and quality loss? Not to mention unnecessary manual intervention? Antistatic additives facilitate daily processes such as plastic injection moulding, accelerate automatization and ensure dust free food storage.

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Prevent sticking plastics to accelerate your production line

It’s a recurring frustration when working with plastic reservoirs and performing sequential plastic injection moulding processes. Polymer materials moving within close proximity of each other build up static electricity and stick together. This causes production lines to clog up and forces operators to manually separate products. 

Adding antistatic additives to your polymer formulation eliminates static build-up. Plastics can be stacked on top of each other without sticking together. Production lines can run without delay and with minimal supervision. This doesn’t just help you speed up your production processes, but facilitates the automatization of these processes as well. You can reduce personnel requirements without affecting productivity.

Create dust free plastics for food and consumer products

Is your company involved in the production or storage of foodstuffs? Then you know it’s paramount to run a tight ship when it comes to preventing contamination. However, keeping dust from gathering on your plastic materials can become a strenuous undertaking in large production environments. 

Antistatic additives prevent static electricity from building up in your plastic materials and ensures that food receptacles are kept clean. No dust will contaminate your foodstuffs and even white containers will keep their pristine look.

Our antistatic additives have been food contact approved by REACH which means they can be used in products for storing any kind of foodstuffs.

Repetitive plastic injection moulding

What happens with the residues in your moulds after injection has taken place? To prevent plastic remains from accumulating, they often have to be removed manually. A cumbersome task that slows down your operators and holds up production.

By greasing your emulsion with antistatic additives, plastic will no longer stick to the mould or leave residues behind. Adding an antistatic agent to your mixture means your plastic injection moulding processes are streamlined and there is no more need for manual intervention or extra personnel.

We guarantee rapid delivery, 100% customizable amounts

Antistatic additives can lower your labour costs and speed up your production. But what amount of release agent do you need? How long will it take to optimize your processes with additives? What about (international) regulations regarding emulsifiers?

Whether you’re starting up a supply line for the first time or you’re looking for a new antistatic agent supplier, we can put your mind at ease.

Boussey Control has a long history as an industrial partner in antistatic solutions. Want to start off with a small order and gradually build your supply line? We can provide perfectly customizable amounts.

Are you worried about tardy deliveries, holding up production? We guarantee unrivalled delivery times within our industry. Instead of months, we’re talking weeks.  As a REACH certified importer, we can also get your products to you from suppliers outside the EU, without delay.

Want to remove static build-up, stickiness and dust accumulation from your production? Contact Boussey Control for a customized solution. We provide antistatic additives but are also experienced partners in antistatic liquids, equipment and surface treatment. 

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