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GMS90 – Glycerol Monostearate 90% Powder

CAS No.: 31566-31-1, 97593-29-8
Other Names: Glyceryl stearate,E471, Distilled Monoglycerides GMS90 MF: C21H42O4
EINECS No.: 3073328
FEMA No.: E471

Type: Food Emulsifier,Stabilizer,Thickener,Preservative Color: pure white
Assay: 95% min

CatégorieEmulsifiants alimentaires

Type de produitGlycerol Mono Stearate - E471


  • 25kg/Bag 17 tons/20’f container
  • 800kg/Bag 14.4 Tons/20’f container


Glycerol monostearate 90%(GMS90) is a multi- purpose, multi-functional food and cosmetic additives:

As emulsifier:  it is the king of food emulsifier is widely used in food ,natural beverage, cake oil, ice cream, Chewing Gum ,toffee, shortening, margarine, etc., is to produce excellent, high-quality food emulsifier ideal.

As cosmetics additive ideal-type is widely used in sunscreen cream, face esters, skin brightener, products can paste and smooth, stable and homogeneous

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