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2010 Ionised air blower

Long distance antistatic blower used to neutralize static charge on molded parts, reels, wrapping machines and other large applications.

The antistatic ramp contains two 1250 bars which generate a large amount of ions.

The ions are propelled by the wind tunnel towards the object to be neutralized.

CategoryAntistatic Solutions

Product TypeLong Range Static Elimination

Technical Datasheet


  • Robust stainless steel construction for a long trouble-free life.
  • Ionisation is provided by two 1250 Bars, mounted in the mouth for fast, market-leading static neutralisation.
  • Integrated Power Unit for sizes 50cm and above.
  • Sizes available from 305mm, 500mm then up to 2m in steps of 250mm.
  • The Ionised air leaves the blower and expands at approximately 15 degrees in both axes.
  • Swivel L brackets allow for versatile mounting.

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