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3024 DC Ring Ioniser

A compact in-line static eliminator to neutralise charged material in pneumatic transport and polymer handling systems.

The novel integration of high voltage DC ionisation with air assistance provides the most powerful static neutralisation to avoid static-induced blockages and product misbehaviour in pipework, air separators and discharge areas.

CategoryAntistatic Solutions

Product TypeDust Removal and Cleaning


  • 11 kV of ionising power delivered by an external 24 V DC power unit, which is included with the Ring Ioniser.
  • DC ionisation separates polarities to provide ions with a longer and more effective life in eliminating static charge in the pipework.
  • Air assistance blows the ions into the centre of the pipework for optimal product neutralisation.
  • 200 mm ID flange coupling for installation with standard Jacob tubing.

Technical Datasheet

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