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3024 Ultra Compact ionising bar

The 3024 Ultra-Compact 24V DC close-range static eliminator is designed for use in high-performance machinery where space is at a minimum. Ion balance makes it suitable for most industrial applications where static control is imperative.

It has built-in high voltage electronics to deliver powerful static elimination at close range to a substrate or other material. It is capable of delivering up to 7.5kV from a low voltage 24 V DC input. Pulsed DC high voltage provides excellent charge decay performance even at longer distances. 

Integrated mounting holes make it easy to install and retrofit to machines, and it can be monitored remotely to maximise performance.

The 3024 Ultra-Compact can also be combined with nozzles and gun handles to form ionised air cleaning devices.

CategoryAntistatic Solutions

Product TypeShort Range Static Elimination

Technical Datasheet


  • Perfect for small spaces at just 80mm x 47mm x 16mm (excluding connector).
  • Ideal operating distance of 20mm to 150mm.
  • Shockless, resistively coupled tungsten emitters for unlimited life.
  • LED status indication: Bar OK (green), fault (red), red flash (standby), green/red flash (attention required).
  • Remote monitoring of operational status; outputs compatible with IEC 61131-2 Type 3 PLC inputs.
  • Standard M8 4-pin connector.
  • Protected against under-voltage, overload and reverse polarity. 
  • External AC-DC PSU available where 24 V DC not available.
  • CE and UL.

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