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3810 Ionstorm single point bar

The ionizing point IONSTORM 3810 is used to neutralize cabinet ducts and other enclosed spaces.
The ionizing point Ionstorm uses the same technology as the 3850 bar, its small footprint allows it reduced access and easy use.

The 3700 regulator (which supplies the ionizing point) makes it possible to adapt the settings according to the applications. Set to low frequencies for distances up to 1 meter and to faster frequencies for closer distances.

CategoryAntistatic Solutions

Product TypeLong Range Static Elimination

Technical Datasheet


  • The 3810 IONSTORM single point bars allow pulsed DC technology to be used in creative applications. Their compact size allows sophisticated static control where little space is available.
  • The 3810 Bars can be used in pairs for long range bi-polar neutralisation, or singly for uni-polar neutralisation. Contact the factory for the full range of possibilities.
  • 3810 Bars can exploit the huge capability and versatility of the Ionstorm 3700 Controller.
  • High power with shockless operation. There is 130MOhm resistance in series with the high voltage.

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