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4200 Ionised Air Nozzles

Model 4200 consists of a 1250 static elimination bar and one or more air nozzles.
The air from the nozzles transports, at high speed, the ionization produced by the 1250 bar for static neutralization and cleaning (dusting).

CategoryAntistatic Solutions

Product TypeDust Removal and Cleaning

Technical Datasheet


  • The 4200 is very versatile. It can be made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • The quantity and position of the nozzles can be varied according to the customers requirements with just one air connection for the whole assembly.
  • The Air nozzles amplify the compressed air by a factor of up to 20:1 for very economical performance.
  • The 4200 Nozzles produce a cone of ionised air for wide area coverage.
  • Also available as Single Point 4200.
  • See also Data Sheet for 1250 Bar for details of the integrated static eliminator bar.
  • Construction: aluminium body 62,5 mm X 62,5 mm X 4 mm. Integrated 1250 antistatic eliminator.
  • Length: between 100mm and 4m.
  • Cabling: 2 m of high voltage cable standard. Maximum cable length 10m.
  • Power: Power Unit HP50-2.

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