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4200 Single Point Ionised Air Nozzle

The 4200 single-point model projects ionised air at high speed toward the object.

Ionization destroys the static charge and allows the blowing of dust by air circulating at high speed.

Design designed to optimize neutralization of static electricity and blowing power, with minimum air consumption and noise.

The air nozzle is an amplifier of air circulation which multiplies it by a factor of 20 for a question of economy and reduction of noise. The air pressure can be adjusted from 1 bar for gentle ionization of the air circulation to 7 bar for removal of stubborn dust. At 4 bar pressure, the noise level is less than 68dBA.

All the critical elements are encased for a question of service life and first-rate reliability. All parts can be replaced in case of damage.

Compact and easy to install with a standard 1/4 ” air connection.
Operation entirely without risk of impact.

CategoryAntistatic Solutions

Product TypeDust Removal and Cleaning

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