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4400 Ionised Air Nozzle

The 4400 Ionised air nozzle is a high performance compact ionized air sprayer consisting of a single point 1260 ionization bar and a patented air nozzle, mounted on a metal frame.

CategoryAntistatic Solutions

Product TypeDust Removal and Cleaning

Technical Datasheet


Ionized air is blown out at high speed by compressed air from the nozzle. The ions projected at high speed neutralize the static charge and expel the dust.

Ideal for cleaning and neutralizing static electricity on small products and separating sheets where its narrow but wide air circulation is particularly effective.


  • Huge amount of ionisation produced by the 1260 Single Point Ioniser sufficient to neutralise the highest static charges.
  • Compact, high thrust air jet for powerful cleaning and removal of statically attracted dust and contaminants.
  • Safety nozzle, OSHA compliant.
  • Low noise: 14-16 dBA lower than 4mm open pipe.
  • Low Air consumption: 23 – 36% lower than a 4mm open pipe.
  • Mounting: threaded M4 through hole in middle of body.
  • All parts are repairable/replaceable.

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