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4800 Ionised Air Nozzle

The 4800 DC Ionised Air Nozzle sets new standards in industrial static control technology, with powerful performance and all the advantages of advanced electronics integrated into the compact body. The 4800 DC is powered by 24 V DC. The 4800 DC is the most powerful ionised air nozzle available – in both ionisation performance and cleaning capability.

CategoryAntistatic Solutions

Product TypeDust Removal and Cleaning


  • Static neutralisation faster than any competitive product and about 50 % more powerful than our existing, best-selling 4510 Ionised Air Nozzle.
  • The flat nozzle produces intense airflow which transports the ionised air at high speed for optimal cleaning and blow-off capability.
  • Optimal cleaning distance: use at close range for maximum thrust. Typically 50-100 mm.
  • 24 V DC supply.
  • LED on body gives operational status and whether bar needs cleaning.
  • Remote on/off switching with standby plus signal for operational status.

Technical Datasheet

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