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5500 Ionised Air Knive

This model is a blade of ionized air assisted by a fan which is much more economical than a compressed air device. It is used for dusting molded parts, automobiles and a variety of sheets and fabrics.

It consists of one or more blades of ionized air connected to an external fan. This produces a large volume of air which leaves the air knives in a rapid laminar flow of the order of 110m / s. The operating cost is around 80% cheaper than similar compressed air systems.

CategoryAntistatic Solutions

Product TypeDust Removal and Cleaning


  • The system consists of one or more ionised airknives connected to an external blower.
  • Static neutralisation power up to 50% better than competitive systems to break the electrostatic bond between the dust and surface and to prevent re-attraction of dust.
  • Air cleaning speed of 110m/sec at the slot of the airknife for thorough and powerful cleaning.
  • Longer range cleaning power than compressed air systems.
  • More performance per kilowatt of power. For example, competitors offer 7.5kW motors to match the performance of our 5.5kW motors saving the customer money every minute of operation.
  • Cost saving of up to 70% compared to other systems.

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