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6000 Iontube

This model is an antistatic ionising tube designed to be integrated into pneumatic transport circuits so as to neutralize the static electricity produced during the process.

The generation of static electricity is a continuous process in transport circuits. The 6000 Iontube should be placed just before the problem area.

CategoryAntistatic Solutions

Product TypeDust Removal and Cleaning


  • Static neutralisation is supplied by Ionising Bars mounted in enclosures around the circumference of the Iontube. The number of Bars is determined by the diameter and length of the Iontube.
  • The Bars are individually connected to a connector box mounted on the Iontube. So if one bar is damaged, only that bar needs to be replaced.
  • Standard 6000 Iontubes use 1m long Jacob stainless steel tubes. These are available in a wide range of standard sizes with coupling devices for easy incorporation into existing pipe work, see
  • We can make Iontubes in other materials and sizes please contact the factory with your requirements.

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