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Bottles ECO 1L (blue ink)

ECO bottles contain 1000ml of blue ECO ink.
ECO ink is an evolved counter-type of formamide, very precise (different from a simple water-alcohol mixture).
You can use these bottles by applying the ink using empty Jumbo pencils or cotton testers.

CategoryMeasuring Surface Tension

Product TypeBottles


  • Dynes available: 28 to 58 dynes (even numbers) and 59 to 71 dynes (odd)
  • Unit of measure: dyne/cm (mN/m)
  • To avoid inaccuracies: storage temperature between 10 ° and 25 ° C.
  • Correction depending on excess temperature: approximately -1 dyne / + 10 ° C
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin (irritant).
  • To determine the levels you need: Call us.

Technical Datasheet

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