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L40 Liquid Conductivity Meter

The L40 liquid conductivity meter is an essential diagnostic instrument for electrostatic hazard control.

The motion of low conductivity liquids, such as fuels and solvents, can result in the generation of hazardous levels of static electricity. Stirring, pouring and, in particular, flow through metal or plastic pipes are all examples of industrial operations which can produce ignitions, fires and explosions.

CategoryAntistatic Solutions

Product TypeMeasurement of Static


  • The L40 measures the electrical conductivity below 1 pS.m-1. It is an essential cability in investigate ignition hazrd.
  • Direct read-out of conductivity on a back-lit digital display.
  • Auto-ranging covers 0-1 pS.m-1 to 1.0 x 108 pS.m-1.
  • Microprocessor controlled auto-zeroing before each measurement.
  • External stainless steel metering cell. Metering dose volume 36 ml.

Technical Datasheet

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