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Staticontrol AS11VG

The Staticontrol AS11VG is an internal emulsifier – antistatic additive approved for the treatment of polyolefin packaging for foodstuffs.

Normal dosages of use: PP injection 0.5 to 2%.
The Staticontrol AS11VG can also be used for plasticized PVC (maximum 0.8% if transparent).
The utilization rates recommended above, allow to obtain RS from 1011 ohms to 10 10 ohms.
The higher the dosage, the greater the side effects.

Precautions: do not preheat above 45 ° C (risk of caking).
Implementation: use with doser and / or mixer.

CategoryAntistatic Treatments

Product TypeAntistatic Additives


The Staticontrol AS11VG provides an immediate antistatic effect a few minutes to a few hours (depending on the dosage) after extrusion or injection (the Corona or flame treatment accelerates migration), this for a period of up to a few years, depending on the dosage and in the absence of friction.
Certain mineral fillers can absorb the antistatic product and reduce its migration, and therefore its effectiveness.

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