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Staticontrol AS66N

The Staticontrol AS66N is an internal antistatic agent. This agent is approved for the antistatic treatment of packaging for foodstuffs (maximum use dose of Staticontrol AS66N: 0.15% EEC regulation / 0.1% FDA regulation).

Type: nonionic, Appearance at 20 ° C: liquid, Color: yellow (Gardner 2)
Solubilities: alcohol, toluene, n-hexane, carbon tetrachloride.

The Staticontrol AS66N is sold in 180 kg drums.

CategoryAntistatic Treatments

Product TypeAntistatic Liquids


The Staticontrol AS66N antistatic liquid is used in the antistatic treatment for thermoplastic polymers. The thermal stability of the active ingredient in AS-66 N is excellent.

Technical Datasheet

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