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Staticontrol AS77E40

The Staticontrol AS77E40 is an antistatic cationic surface agent. Its germicidal power prohibits its use for the treatment of food packaging.

Type: cationic, Appearance at 20 ° C: clear liquid, Color: Gardner 5
Solubilities: alcohol, water.
The Staticontrol AS77E40 is an antistatic (and bacteriological) cationic surface agent, generally compatible with anionic surface agents.

CategoryAntistatic Treatments

Product TypeAntistatic Liquids


The thermal stability of the Staticontrol AS77E40 is good up to 80/100 °.
Dilute 1 to 4 volumes of solvent (water, alcohol, water + alcohol, depending on the desired drying time).
Apply the solution to the surface of the material to be treated by spraying, soaking or padding.

Technical Datasheet

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