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Treatment Station

An electrode, connected to a generator at high frequency and high alternating voltage, emits an electric discharge in the form of an effluvium.

What physically and chemically modifies the material to be treated (adhesion of inks, adhesives)

CategorySurface Treatments

Product TypeCORONA Treatment


Depending on your application, the product to be treated, your width and your speed of treatment, we offer the right system.

  • 220/5000Stainless steel segmented electrodes => treatment interruptions (reserves).
  • Multi-blade electrodes => regular high-quality crosswise processing
  • Ceramic electrodes => treatment of any support (conductive or not).


Our custom Corona stations.

  • From a few centimeters to several meters.
  • All types of dielectric cylinders (silicone cover or silicone sleeves, rectified or not, ceramic).
  • All types of electrodes (adjustable multi-blades, U, aluminum and stainless steel segments, ceramic electrode).

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