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Boussey Control Europe

Looking for a solution to obtain high quality end products?

  • Antistatic additives, liquids and equipment help streamline printing, packaging and manufacturing processes.

  • Surface tension testing and modification with dyne pen and Corona equipment optimises the surface energy of solid materials for bonding and printing.
  • Food emulsifiers based on sustainable palm oil improve quality as a multi-purpose , multi-functional food and cosmetic additive agent.

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What makes us the ideal process solution partner?

40+ years of experience

Over 40 years we've accumulated knowledge and experience in problem-solving for a large and diverse range of companies and industries. Regardless of the challenge, we will help you optimise your production process!

Online support

We take the time to understand your application and the problem before recommending a static control solution you can trust.

Fast worldwide delivery

Are you wasting time and money while waiting for a delivery? We guarantee an unrivalled supply speed within our industry. We can deliver a wide range of products in fully customisable quantities within a few weeks of ordering.


We are REACH-certified for food-contact antistatic additives and liquids in packaging as well as for E471 glycerol monostearate food emulsifiers in food and cosmetics..

The industries we help every day

Packaging Industry

Take control of the static charges in your production process to keep everything running safely and smoothly. Apply antistatic products and integrate antistatic equipment to prevent static charges from building up and modify surface energy to enable easy printing, bonding and labelling.

Antistatic Solutions
Surface Tension Control

Plastic Industry

Optimise downstream coating, gluing, painting and printing by modifying the surface energy of your plastics. Use surface treatment or antistatic agents to increase surface energy of polymers and facilitate material bonding, prevent dust adhesion and provide a safe environment for all your workers.

Antistatic Solutions
Surface Tension Control

Printing Industry

Integrate static eliminators in your printing process to discharge materials on-the-fly and provide for a safe and contamination-free process. Smooth printing processes on various materials can be ensured by applying surface tension test ink and treating the fabric with specialised corona equipment.

Antistatic Solutions
Surface Tension Control

Automotive & aerospace

Antistatic products ensure a dust-free antistatic environment to reduce time and quality loss due to manual intervention. By modifying parts with in-line surface treatment to enable lamination, printing and bonding, you avoid production bottlenecks.

Antistatic Solutions
Surface Tension Control

Food Industry

Integrating E471 food additives that help with thickening, preserving, stabilising and emulsifying in your food formulations results in an extended shelf life, enhanced appearance and facilitated production. Our Glycerol monostearate solution can be used as a multifunctional agent in both food and cosmetic industries.

Food Emulsifiers

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